Through portraiture I explore the subject’s interior world. This series looks at middle-aged women who are viewed in ‘terms of the doxa, the platitudes of public opinion. The subject falls prey to a representation that constructs it in terms of stereotypes.’1 Culturally disprized, we don’t seek to recognise ourselves in this identification of ageing woman. Therefore, ‘we consequently need aesthetic works which will make it possible for us to idealize, and, so, to identify with bodies we would otherwise repudiate.’2
I have sought to make visible the rich inner life of middle-aged women, whose emotions are part of a multi layered whole, complex and vibrant; erotic, angry, joyful, thoughtful.
The landscape format of ‘The Things that aren’t Allowed’ represent the screen and the mediating role photography plays in conferring value in our culture. By the interpretation of the photograph through paint they are given the traditional authority that painting infers on its subject.

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2011-13 Bath Spa University MFA
2010-11 Bath Spa University BA (Hons): First


Oct– Nov 2013 One Year, Yes44AD, Bath
October, 2013 Big Deal, 5Q Park, Cavendish Sq., London
September, 2013 MA ShowBath Spa University
April – June 2013 DrawnRWA, Bristol
May – June 2013 Behind MemoryFringe Arts, Bath Festival
January 2013 And the Molecules Changed in the Room44AD, Bath
December 2012 Decking The Walls44AD, Bath
November 2012 Please Do Not Bang or Open the Cages44AD, Bath
Oct – Nov 2012 Tenplusone,44AD, Bath
September 2012 InterimBath Spa University
June 2011 BA Degree ShowBath Spa University
July 2010 Summer ExhibitionThe Ale & Porter, Bradford-on-Avon
May 2010 Body MattersThe Silk Mill, Frome
March 2010 PaperworksR.K. Burt’s, London